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In any home remodel or construction, carpentry is vital. Starting with “good bones” helps add structure and security to new designed spaces, expanded floor plans and traditional cosmetic touches to the existing layout of a home. This is one of the most important steps in remodels and new construction projects we undertake.


Handy Man Services

Sometimes, all a home needs are minor repairs and fixes.  At Elevation Home Design, no job is too small.  Therefore if you have a leaky sink or a leaky roof, we put forth the same level of attention and focus to make sure that the job is done right the first time and the customer feels pleased with the total process.

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New Construction

At Elevation Home Design, we understand that the goal of building a new home from the ground up can be exciting but also intimidating for future home owners.  In understanding both the positive and possible negatives in the process, we have created a straightforward and user friendly process where the customer will set the vision and we will execute the steps to physically bring it to fruition.  From ordering surveys, building permits, materials, creating designs and most importantly, constructing the home itself, Elevation makes the customer feel at ease and empowered with information, while we handle everything for them.

Home Renovation

The services under home renovation vary depending on the level of the project undertaken.  We provide full remodeling services, as well as smaller specific remodeling services, such as: remodeling a bathroom, kitchen or living space. Regardless of the size of the project, we provide the same high standard of excellent service.


Full Remodeling services may include, but
are not limited to:

  • Lighting Installation and Design

  • Electrical Installation and Design

  • Plumbing Installation and Design

  • Flooring Installation (Tile, hardwood, and carpet)

  • HVAC Venting (If necessary)

  • Installation of new drywall (If necessary)

  • Installation of Energy Efficient Doors and Windows

  • Exterior and Interior Professional Painting

Specific Smaller Remodeling Services may
include, but are not limited to:

  • Minor Repairs

  • Cosmetic Upgrading

  • Exterior and Interior Professional Painting

The exterior/interior of your home makes a lasting impression.  Beyond the decisions that go into paint color and style, which is a personal choice, Elevation provides the customer with top notch professional painting that gives the home a smooth, clean finish to the home.


The service of professional painting can be for the entire home, exterior and or interior or simply a part of the living space the customer is highlighting.

Professional Painting

Beyond the fact that new home doors and windows make the home and curb appeal more attractive, it is also a great way to become more energy efficient.  We specialize in providing the most attractive, high quality and high energy efficient doors and windows for major, minor and new construction projects.

Doors & Windows

Mechanical & Plumbing

With remodeling and new construction projects, often times creating a new mechanical/plumbing plan is a major component in the design the customer desires.  From kitchen, bathroom and even to exterior plumbing needs, Elevation has the key skill set to virtually design and install any simple or complex utility regarding the mechanical and plumbing needs of a home.  


Whether it be vanity, hardware fixtures, toilets, showers or full tear out and installation of core plumbing pipes for the kitchen or bath, Elevation provides this service in the most desirable format possible.

Electric & Lighting

The lighting of a home is one of the cornerstones to making a home enjoyable. Having ample light improves the functionality of the home. Also, lighting and how it is designed in the home is now considered to be a design element in itself and helps create the overall ambience. Elevation can not only design how lighting will be in placed in a home, but also install the proper hardware to bring the customer's vision to light.  Moreover, the overall electrical setup for appliances and electrical devices is created with energy efficiency as a top priority.

Whether the customer needs a new roof or simply just modifications and repairs to an existing one, Elevation Home Design is skilled to make sure every detail is not overlooked.  Morever, Elevation realizes the need to conduct installs and repairs in a way that is clean and neat so that during the project execution, it will not serve as a community nuisance or an eye sore.


Elevation Home Design can recommend and install a roof based on a customer's color and style preferences.


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Custom Build

The service of providing specialty designs on custom plan is a unique undertaking. This service is a premium service that allows the customer and Elevation to create innovative out of the box designs. This undertaking is time consuming but rewarding. Elevation, in offering this service, will provide all resources and specialists needed to bring a custom project to fruition.

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